Jancis Robinson @ Barboursville Vineyards. Her Tasting Feelings.

After the 4th annual North American Wine Bloggers’ Conference in Charlottesville we are very satisfied of the tasting results.
Jancis Robinson came to our winery in Barboursville Vineyards, where she has not been for over ten years.
The wine blogging celebrity tasted our wines and rediscovered a very significant range of labels, as she wrote in her post:

  • Barboursville, Reserve Vermentino 2010 Virginia 16.5. Drink 2011-2012 . Debut vintage of a varietal that seemed to be immediately at home in the warm summers of Virginia. Perhaps the Italian ownership and management of Barboursville help. Good varietal aromas with real zest and natural-tasting acidity. A welcome change from the Viognier assault in temperatures of 100 deg F at this tasting at Monticello. 13.4%
  • Barboursville, Reserve Viognier 2002 Virginia 17 . Drink 2004-2012. What’s especially impressive about this 2002 is that it’s still going strong. It was admittedly from a cooler year. The 2004 served alongside was not dead, though had faded faster than the 2002. The 2009 was fresher than the 2010.
  • Barboursville, Reserve Cabernet Franc 1998 Virginia 16.5. Drink 2004-2012. Aromatic and then really, really sweet. Perhaps no longer that refreshing but admirable for its longevity.
  • Barboursville, Reserve Cabernet Franc 2002 Virginia 17.5. Drink 2008-2017. Lovely, still fresh, delightfully delicate and subtle. Great balance though no blockbuster.
  • Barboursville, Reserve Cabernet Franc 2006 Virginia 16 . Drink 2008-2017. Creditable enough though a little lacking in fruity core, and a bit inky on the finish. It may settle down.
  • Barboursville, Reserve Cabernet Franc 2008 Virginia 17. Drink 2008-2017. Fresh, lively and vital – real lift and density here.
  • Barboursville, Octagon 2002 Virginia 16.5. Drink 2008-2014. Bordeaux blend (68% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Franc, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Petit Verdot) named after the eight-sided room at the heart of Monticello. Very well balanced, and with an almost Italian tang and tannin on the finish. Really successful and quite evolved. Gentle, easy and clean as a whistle. 13.9%
  • Barboursville, Octagon 2006 Virginia 16+. Drink 2012-2017. Still quite blue and very youthful and unevolved on the nose. A bit jagged and chewy for now though it may well mellow.
  • Barboursville, Octagon 2007 Virginia 17. Drink 2012-2020. Deep crimson with a lovely fresh, well integrated nose. Polished, well balanced Bordeaux blend. Long and poised. Bravo.
  • Barboursville, Reserve Nebbiolo 2005 Virginia 16. Drink 2010-2015. Yellowish rim; pale rust middle. Proper Nebbiolo nose. On the palate there is the lack of fresh fruit that results in a rusty nail sensation and then it finishes bone dry. Getting there…! (The 1999 was a bit thin and dusty while the 2002 was fresh enough on the nose but a bit muddy on the palate.)
  • Barboursville, Reserve Nebbiolo 2007 Virginia 16.5. Drink 2012-2018. Very dark ruby. Subtle with a dry finish. Admirably lively. Getting close!
  • Barboursville, Malvaxia Passito 2001 Virginia 16. Drink 2005-2012. Sweet wine. Air dried blend of the rather low acid Muscat Ottonel and Vidal. (Malvasia was involved). Pale to mid orange colour. Slight lack of freshness on the nose but a attractive orange peel flavour. Medium sweet and a little astringent. 14%
  • Barboursville, Malvaxia Passito 2006 Virginia 17. Drink 2010-2015. Really exciting, tangy sweet orange wine about which I see I wrote ‘Whoof!’. Pungent and zesty while retaining the dried citrus peel flavours. Great stuff. 14%
  • Barboursville, Malvaxia Passito 2007 Virginia 16.5. Drink 2011-2016. Big and bold. Bright orange colour. Very plump fruit without that much acidity and astringency at the moment but it’s an interesting style. 14%

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